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Conventional Solar PV Technology

Conventional Solar PV TechnologyAs a preferred supply and installation partner for industry-leading Solar PV technology providers, SEG Commercial can provide a range of market-leading, high-quality, mono and poly-crystalline PV panels, including REC.

This line-up of conventional CIS solar PV panels and our Solar Frontier CIS solutions provide an excellent choice for our commercial Solar PV clients. They enable us to offer systems that find the perfect balance between performance and cost, depending on the application and the particular requirements of each individual project. Using our substantial volume buying power, we can ensure that our turnkey pricing is amongst the best in the industry, whatever Solar PV technology you choose.

REC Peak Energy Series

REC Solar PanelsREC Peak Energy Series solar panels deliver more power per square meter due to several design improvements. Introduction of three bus bars and improved contact between the cell and metal fingers, improves the electrical flow. 

The solar panels are easy to install with made-to-fit cables and multiple grounding points that reduce the ground wire needed in installation. Easy to lift and handle, the panels have a robust and durable design, supporting a large mechanical load.

Committed to sustainability, REC solar panels have an industry leading energy payback time of one year. This is a result of innovations such as the new fluidized bed reactor (FBR) polysilicon production process which uses 80 to 90 percent less energy than traditional methods. 

Electrical Data@STC 235PE 240PE 245PE 250PE 255PE 260PE
Peak Power Watts - Pmax(Wp) 235 240 245 250 255 260
Watt Class Sorting - (W) 0/+5 0/+5 0/+5 0/+5 0/+5 0/+5
Maximum Power Voltage - Vmpp(V) 29.5 29.7 30.1 30.2 30.5 30.7
Maximum Power Current - Impp(A) 8.06 8.17 8.23 8.30 8.42 8.50
Open Circuit Voltage - Voc(V) 36.6 36.8 37.1 37.4 37.6 37.8
Short Circuit Current - Isc (A) 8.66 8.75 8.80 8.86 8.95 9.01
Module Efficiency (%) 14.2 14.5 14.8 15.1 15.5 15.8

Values at Standard Test Conditions STC (Air Mass AM 1.5, Irradiance 1000 W/m2, Cell temperature 25°C). Please review the data sheet for electrical data at NOCT.


  • 10 year product warranty
  • 25 year linear power output warranty
    (max. degression in performance of 0.7% p.a.).


Certified according to CE, TUV, MCS, IEC 61215 and IEC61730

Sectional Roof Space..?

If your building has a sectional roof which may not usually accommodate a large enough number of conventional solar panels, we have the solution with our Enphase Inverter System.

Instead of one inverter per x number of panels, the Enphase system is installed on every panel which enables us to install a split system and therefore a series of panels on more than one section of roof space. Enphase provides a flexibility that enables us to install a greater number of panels, which in turn increases energy generation.

Shading? - No Problem...

By adopting our Enphase Inverter system we can overcome many of the issues associated with shading. A single inverter is fitted to each panel so that no one panel will compromise the performance of another.

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